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Welcome to the Ukraine dating personals for lady or man. Use the Ukraine Dating search box to view Ukrainian singles for dating. It's simple to use and will let you know right away who is ready to meet. Try it now.

Many of the Ukraine dating personals have photographs so you can see an image of each person as well as discovering something about them. Try the Ukraine dating search now - it's very easy to use.

You can also place your own Ukraine dating personal ad for free, as well as receiving new Ukraine personals by email if you wish. These can be matched to your specific requirements.

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Some facts about Ukraine:

Bordered by Moldova, Romania, Slovakia, Hungary, Belarus, Poland and Russia, Ukraine is the largest country in Europe (excluding the European area of Russia), having an area of 603,700 sq km. Ukraine has a population of approximately 47,425,336 people. Whilst 77.8% are Ukrainian, 17.3% are Russian. 67% speak the official language of Ukrainian, while 24% speak Russian. 99.7% of Ukrainian people over 15 are literate. The capital is Kiev and there are 24 Ukrainian provinces. Agricultural products of Ukraine include grain, sugar beet, vegetables, sunflower seeds, beef and milk. Industries in the Ukraine include electric power, coal, metals, machinery and transportation equipment, chemicals and food processing (in particular sugar).

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