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Welcome to the Philippine pen pals at, a site where pen pals from all over the globe meet up and make new friendships.

Use the search panel on the right to reach the Philippine listings of people looking for pen friends. It's easy and efficient and will at once let you to know who is around to contact. No need to register first. But if you are interested in Philippine pen pals then do check out our resources below, taking careful note of one man's experiences...

If you are searching specifically for dating then go here: Philippine dating. To seek friends in other continents use the search panel here.

To search for residents of other Asian countries we have a separate search panel. To use the general Asian search, go to Asian Pen Pals.

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Some Facts About The Philippines

1. Location: The Philippines is an archipelago of 7,107 islands in the western Pacific Ocean, having Taiwan and China to the north, Vietnam to the west and Indonesia to the south.

2. Climate and Resources: The Philippines' tropical climate is prone to earthquakes and typhoons but it has wonderful natural resources and is one of the richest in biodiversity in the world.

3. Population: Having approximately 93 million inhabitants, The Philipinnes is the world's 12th most populous country.

4. The Name of The Philippines: this is derived from King Philip II of Spain. For part of its history The Philippines was part of the Spanish Empire, later it was controlled by America and is now independent. Its official name is the Republic of The Philippines.

Philippine Pen Pals Resources

"Beware of Philippine Girls, Take a Look At Vietnam" at
Warnings about how some Philippine pen pals could behave: one man's views and experience. You are advised to read this page before going any further...

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