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Welcome to the Philippine personal ads for Filipina lady or Filipino man. You can use the search box to view Philippine singles for dating or marriage. It's quick and efficient and will let you see at once who is available to contact.

Things to bear in mind if you are considering Philippine dating

Philippine women are naturally reserved when it comes to discussing the physical side of relationships. It is part of their culture not to talk about such subject areas. So if you are a Westerner you must learn to appreciate this difference. To Philippine women and men it can seem as if some Americans are rather immoral when it comes to such matters. Please therefore respect this cultural difference.

You must also be aware that some Philippine people are rather sensitive when it comes to foreigners. This is understandable, as foreigners are seen to often interfere where they perhaps shouldn't, and it appears to be common knowledge in some Philippine communities that this is the case. For one viewpoint on this see the first resource in the related sites list below. You may find some things you are not expecting to discover in that link, so check it out before you do anything else.

As with any other culture into which you are going as a foreigner there are pros and cons to weigh up before proceeding any further. At the very least you must make yourself aware of both sides of the argument before you decide whether to proceed or not. It is easy to allow a wonderful dream to blind you to potential drawbacks, so it is better to be fore-armed than have regrets later. So do search for and read both sides of the argument. One person's view appears in our related sites list below in the link "Beware of Philippine Girls, Take a Look At Vietnam". To inform yourself you must read as much as you can of both sides of any argument. If you are looking for or considering a course of action that might eventually lead to a Philippine marriage partner you might also want to check out our own article on the pros and cons of distance relationships and marriages: Cross Cultural Marriage and Relationships: Marrying Someone From Another Country.

If you are not Philippino, have weighed up both sides of the argument and want to find Philippine personal ads then you can of course try out the search to the right - many of the listings have photos, and you can click on the photo for a closer view. Each listing may also contain a description written by the person about herself or himself, as well as a few facts about the person, such as age.

At the personals to which the search box directs, you can place your own ad for free, enabling other people to find you. This ad can also include a photograph if you wish. You may also receive new listings by email. This is a great idea as it saves you time yet allows you to keep up with new people who place a listing. These email listings can easily be matched to your specific requirements, so you will only receive information about people suited to you.

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"Beware of Philippine Girls, Take a Look At Vietnam" at
One man's experience of living in the Philippines and what he discovered about Philippine dating and marriage. It is only one man's view of course, but something that cannot be ignored. You are advised to read this page before going any further...

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This page covers philippine personal ads for dating the singles lady, woman or man of the philippines, i.e. filipino or filipina. Also spelling variations: philipinnes, philipines, philipino, phillippines