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An excellent place to find pen pals from other countries who you can contact and get to know right away is at PenPalsPlanet.com. You don't know who you are going to meet there unless you go there and find out. To go to the pen pals photo lists there just use the panel to the right.   > > >

Getting to know pen pals in other countries is a great experience. You get to learn more about the culture of the country you have chosen, and you can of course learn the language too! Seeing the differences in style and culture between how you live and how others live is always interesting, as is getting a glimpse of the local landscape and climate.

Once you get to know a new pen pal from another country you can exchange small gifts and photos, so further enhancing your knowledge of another country.

The panel to the right is a great starting point to finding penpals from other countries. Just make your selections and click the button to go to long lists of pen pals who are looking for new friends now. You can use the panel to find pen pals in your own country too as well as worldwide.

Below we have compiled some pen pals video samples, made by people talking about pen pals or about their own experiences with pen pals in other countries and at home.

Who Will You Meet from Another Country?

The possibilities are limitless and very exciting. To find out who from another country is looking for a pen pal right now, view the photo listings right away:

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Sandrine, aged 30, wants a Pen Pal to improve her English:

A Canadian girl talks to her pen pal in New Zealand:

Levi receives a package from his pen pal in another country (Taiwan) and opens it in the video:

Here's a penpals video by Frasco that talks about the excitement of receiving emails from pen pals of the other gender. So, what's it like getting emails from a guy or girl pen pal for dating, Frasco?

Try out the panel at the top of this page and find pen pals in other countries right away - or go directly to Pen Pals from Other Countries at Pen Pals Planet .com. And please don't forget to

We recommend Military Pen Pal .net for when you are looking from pen pals from the military.

InternationalPenPal.com may be the site you'll want to come back to again and again once you've tried out the penpals panel above, so don't forget to bookmark us. If you are specifically looking for dating rather than for pen pals from other countries then go to Dating Categories, but please note that you can find pen pals for dating at Pen Pals Planet .com as well as pen pals for friendship.

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The site Military Pen Pal .net allows you to join for free. Military pen pals around the world and in other countries will then be able to contact you, so you get the possibility of being contacted by those seeking pen pals without having any outlay on your part. You can also reply to messages from pen pals who contact you first, which is not the case with most other sites of this kind, for they usually require you to take out a subscription before you can send a reply. Having said this, for superior functionality you will probably need to take out a paid subscription as this will allow you to contact other members first.



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"Getting to know new people at home or abroad is one of the greatest pleasures of life."

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