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Why Italian Pen Pals?

By Vinny Appleby

Italian pen pals are becoming increasingly popular, particularly among Americans, but also with people from other countries too.

So what is it that generates the great appeal of having an Italian pen pal? Putting it simply, the Italian people, culture and country are all pretty cool. Let's look at why, and perhaps you too will soon be seeking Italian pals.

To begin at the very beginning, there's the history and culture, enough to make anyone want Italian pen pals, I submit. The Roman Empire began in a region that is now part of modern-day Italy, and the Roman culture spread across southern Europe and North Africa, greatly influencing what has developed since through its systems of law, politics, architecture and so on. Did you know that modern European systems of law are based on original Roman models, and as you will probably have noticed, the impressive architecture of important state buildings across Europe and America, with its impressive columns is Roman-inspired. During the Renaissance, when Roman learning was rediscovered in Europe with the help of the Arab world, Italian art, statues and gardens became paramount -- tell all your American pen pals about it!

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Then there's the Italian countryside. Imagine one day visiting your Italian pen pals in their homeland amidst mountains and vineyards, medieval hill-top villages and great cities! You could visit the capital and take in the Colosseum, not to mention the Trevi Fountain and St. Peters Church. Now doubt your Italian pen pal would show you the sights of Rome if you asked nicely.

Another advantage of Italian pen pals is the language they speak! Italian is a romantic latin language, full of romance and beauty. What an opportunity to learn such a wonderful language.

Finally there are the Italian people themselves. They are an attractive people, tanned by the Mediterranean sun, cool and up-to-date, savvy in matters of fashion, music, motoring and all aspects of the modern city lifestyle. Italian pen pals come from the land that invented Ferraris, the home of Armani clothes, the original land of Pizza and Pasta. What more could you want from a pen pal?

So why not check them out. Use the search panel above right, select your preferences and see who's out there! Ciao!

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