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Are you getting too few people contact you through your Internet personals profile? In this article Stephanie Constantina of helps you with your Internet personals profile. What she says applies just as much to pen pals profiles as to dating profiles. It's largely down to the way you write your profile and how you present it, apparently. Not to mention the photo you use...

Personals Sites: Getting more People to Contact You

by Stephanie Constantina

Are you in this situation: you joined a net personals site but you're not getting enough singles contacting you? Even if you're new to Internet personals this article should also help you with writing your online profile.

In looking at the problem of not enough singles making contact through your profile, the first thing to ask yourself is: have you joined the right personals site? If you joined a completely free site, you should consider changing or upgrading to a paid one. This because completely free sites are usually only worth what you paid to join them.

This may be because the totally free Internet personals sites may not be able to afford to run a proper service - they may not be able to monitor their members, as an example. Also, completely free personals may not be able to afford to properly maintain the technical side of their dating site. So, if you are going to take finding a soulmate seriously it's worth joining a high quality service.

Another possibility for getting low rate of being contacted is that you joined a personals site with too few members to be of much use. Find out which large personals subscription site recommends by visiting the links at the end of this article. Ideally you should be looking for a site with millions of members. Your chances of being contacted will improve by themselves with a very large database of members. This kind of thing is partly a numbers game. But that's far from the whole story.

Once you've joined a good subscription service there is still much more you can do to increase the number of people making contact with you. Probably it is your personals profile that is letting you down.

If you already have a personals profile online then you should look carefully at how best to re-write it. A good idea is to take your time and make several versions of the text of your personals profile until you have a couple of versions that you are happy with. Then you can try out these different versions in turn online to see which gets the highest number of responses.

To this end it's important to do some basic research into what kinds of profiles catch the eye and make you want to read more. Go to the Internet personals and do some searches. Read some profiles and when you find one that grabs your attention ask yourself why it did this. Was it for the right reasons? Sometimes certain profiles stand out but they do not make you want to contact the people who wrote them.

The title or heading of a personals profile is very important. What kind of headings do you find yourself attracted by? Jot down a few thar caught your attention and ask yourself why. If you like the approach some of them take you could base the heading of your own profile on these, without copying them, of course.

Then take a look at the details of what you have written in your profile. Ask yourself if you would be drawn to the person described if it had been written by someone else. Is it too boring? Or even too suggestive, perhaps? Look through lots of profile examples and try to find an approach that works for you.

Your photograph though is possibly the element of greatest importance in drawing attention to your personal profile. A good photograph can make all the difference and you should consider getting one done professionally. You will find more on using photos in your profile through the links in the resource box at the foot of this article.

If you are willing to take the extra time needed to get your profile right, then your time spent using the personals will be much better spent than otherwise. And let's face it, meeting your soulmate online would be wonderful, wouldn't it? So it is well worth spending the time to get every aspect of your Internet personals membership just right.


Find out more at Internet Personals Sites. Stephanie Constantina writes for Single Dating .com. For more on photos: Online Photo Personals Sites. You can put this article on your site if you keep the links intact.

Copyright (c) 2007 Stephanie Constantina

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