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If you live in the West then the fascinating island of Cuba with its wonderful town architecture and 1950's limousines for hire is a great place to look for new friends. Making new friends there is a very good way to find out more about the country and its people.

Or perhaps you are yourself Cuban, living away from home and looking for pen pals.

Either way the Cuban pen pals listings can help you get to know new people.

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Some Info on Cuba

Cuba was first discovered by Europeans when Christopher Columbus reached the island in 1492.

Cuba is the largest and least commercialised island in the Caribbean. It is also one of the world's last communist countries in the old mould. Because of this it has remained relatively isolated and unaffected by tourism.

Cuban locals are said to be friendly and helpful to visitors.

The Island of Cuba covers approximately 110,860 sq km, and is a little smaller than Pennsylvania, for example.

The official language is Spanish, and 47% of the Cuban population are Catholic.

Currency: the currency is the Cuban Peso.

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"Getting to know new people at home or abroad is one of the greatest pleasures of life."

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