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You can use the pen pals panel to the right to look for dating pen pals, including Christian pen pals, but please be aware that the panel resource itself is not dedicated purely to Christian pen pals. Some of the profiles returned by your search will be Christian pen pals, others will not be Christians.

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Christian Pen Pals
By Eric Morris

Pen pals are people who correspond on a regular basis by writing letters even may be to a different country. Pen pals are grouped into various categories. One such category of pen pals is Christian pen pals. There are many clubs of Christian pen pals. Christian pen pals may correspond through post mail or online. If people want to initiate contact with Christian pen pals, it is advisable for them to get membership online instead of putting up various advertisements. This is the easiest way for Christian pen pals to correspond with each other.

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At present, Christian pen pal clubs are generally based online. It is advisable for the people interested in these clubs to get membership online by registering on the sites available. By registering on these sites, people are protected from spam mail. This was a major issue with most Christian pen pal clubs on the web.

In case, a member forwards any ungodly mails the recipient of the mail is expected to forward it to the section that deals with such sort of abuse. A special section deals with abuse and ungodly mails. In this case, the member will be warned or banned. This club of Christian pen pals sends only those messages or letters that are solely related to the religion, its norms, and the Bible. For people to attain membership in these Internet clubs, they have to pay a registration fee. To get registered on these sites they can pay by credit card. This is the most convenient way to pay on the web. These clubs permit more than one person on a single membership fee. They offer a family discount as well. These sites provide a poverty affidavit. This option is for the people who cannot afford paying the fee. Under this affidavit, these people attain free membership.

There are other ways by which people can become members of Christian pen pal clubs. They can apply through newspapers and magazines. Christian pen pal clubs still exist today, even with the rapid pace of technological development.

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