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Welcome to the Australian pen pals!

To go to the profiles of Australian pen pals use the free panel to the right. Choose whether you are a man looking for a woman in Australia as a pen pal, or if you are a woman looking for a man in Australia as a pen pal, then click on the 'Go to Profiles' button.

This will take you directly to the profile listings, with photos, of Australian pen pals who you can contact today if you sign up.

Whether you live outside Australia or inside Australia an Australian pen pal as a new friend is a good choice because this will give you an insight into the 'real' Australian lifestyle, as well as giving you a great new friend.

If you are Australian but living away from home then here's a good opportunity to make some online friends who you can keep in touch with and then look up when you get back home.

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If you are specifically seeking dating then go to: Australian dating.

If you are seeking an Aussie pen pal but know little about Australian life then here are some basic 'facts' about the country so that you have some sort of knowledge starting point when it comes to talking by email to an australian penpal:

  • Based on census figures your Australian pen pals are most likely to live in an urban situation, the Australian population being one of the most urbanized in the world.
  • The English language is primarily spoken in Australia, the result of the colonialisation of the land mass by the United Kingdom from approx 200 years ago. Today 77% of the population is Australian born, 23% foreign born, the largest group among the later being UK born.
  • Australia has a population of around 22,744,000 and growing at a rate of 1.3% per year. Averaging out the figures, Australia gains one international immigrant every 5 minutes, while a baby is born every two minutes.
  • 92% of Australians are of European origin (primarily British), 7% of Asian origin and 1% of Aboriginal origin.
  • Although now independent of the UK, Australia remains a member of the Commonwealth (formerly the British Commonwealth) and also retains the British Queen as its head of state. Your Australian pen pal may possibly support the currently popular idea of changing the latter.
  • Due to the isolation of the land mass for millions of years, Australian wildlife is amongst the strangest in the world. Marsupial mammals (a more primitive type of mammal than found elsewhere) play a prominent role and include the Kangaroo, Koala, Wombat and believed extinct Thylacine ('Tasmanian Tiger'). Significant parts of the Australian countryside are desert-like with 'orange' soil. Eucalyptus trees ('Gum Trees') are a notable indigenous plant.
  • Some Australian pen pals will enjoy talking about pop music, computer games, movies, contemporary fiction, local wildlife and so on.

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