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Why Army Pen Pals?

By Vinny Appleby

Army pen pals are a popular choice when searching for someone to write to. Men and women in the army love to hear from people and get to know them, as sometimes army life can be a little repetitive and may not offer many opportunities to get to know people as friends or even to meet people of the opposite gender.

This applies all the more if army personnel are stationed on active duty, either carrying out a peace-keeping mission or involved in a military conflict. In such situations army pen pals love to hear from their email friends, for apart from the usual attractions of having a pen pal, such a friendship offers a link with home. It would be great, if you were stationed abroad, to regularly hear the news from home, would it not?

Naturally there are do's and don't's when it comes to communicating with your army pen pals. It is not acceptable to indulge in berrating the army for example, or to argue that the army should not be stationed where it is. Leave politics out of it. The army officer or recruit doesn't have a lot of choice as to where he or she is stationed, so will not want to discuss this.

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You have army pen pals for fun, friendship and possibly romance, not for other purposes, so if you have other motives then think again. This is a definite no-no.

Of course army pen pals are exciting to get to know. Their lives may be full of excitement and even danger, but remember that this is their job. They are professionals doing a difficult job in difficult circumstances, so respect that, and offer them the companionship and friendship they deserve.

Army pen pals can be just friends or they can be romantic partners or dating partners too. Many begin as friends then as the relationship develops become romantically involved. So, when you contact a new army pen pal for the first time there will be these possibilities at the back of your mind. Some may become friends, others may become more than just friends and you may even meet that special someone.

For army pen pals we recommend using Military Pen Pal .net as it protects your personal details and has great functionality. Why not give it a go? You can carry out an initial search for potential military pen pals using the panel above. Just specify the age group and home country or state of the people you are looking for -- it's easy!

So in conclusion, army pen pals can make great penfriends. They often live exciting lives yet because the opportunities for people in the army to meet others may be limited, they will relish your communications. During their free time they may not have the leisure opportunities available outside the army so will have the time and interest to reply to your communications to them. So why not try an army pen pal today? Just use the panel above to reach a listing of potential army pen pals with photos and their interests outlined. And once you get interested yourself, it's free to join with a basic membership, so you can try it all out!

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We recommend Military Pen Pal .net for army pen pals and all military pen pals.

This may be the site you'll want to come back to again and again once you've tried out the penpals panel above, so don't forget to bookmark us! If you are specifically looking for general dating rather than army pen pals then go to Dating Categories, but note that you can find army dating at Military Pen as well as pen pals for friendship.

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