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You have reached the US Dating Service Online at To try out the dating service for free just make your selections below then click the button to go directly to the extensive US profiles. Give it a try now because it will show you at once what this US dating service online is all about:

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So what would be a typical American dating process? In a country as vast and diverse as the US there really is no such thing as a typical american dating process. If any conclusions can be drawn then the most obvious one is that more and more US residents are using online dating services. But beyond that there is no typical US dating process.

This is where our US dating service has many advantages over others in such a diverse country. Our US dating service is powered by, internet dating in USA par excellence.

This American personals service not only offers all the usual features of other leading dating services - such as place your own ad for free, join for free and a wealth of other functionality. The big advantage of PenPalsPlanet as a US dating service over most of its competition is that it can give you a good level of single profiles search results, from general US dating profiles right down to specifics. also protects your email address and you can join initially for free. Should you then wish to upgrade, has no automatic rebilling of your credit card.

Other American Dating Services

If you want even more specific searching than can provide then you may wish to consider FriendFinder.

For example, where else can you go directly to the profiles of Asian American ads and personals (Asian American ads and personals) or African American Christan chat (African American Christian Chat)?

And it doesn't end there. At FriendFinder with a bit of ingenuity you can find Native American dates (find Native American dates - not exclusively Native American but includes Native American - hunt through the profiles), peruse African American personals in MN (here's the link: African American personals in MN - it's not exclusively African American - again go through the profiles) or even access the India dating service United States (India dating service United States).

So in our opinion the US dating service available through FriendFinder far outstrips other comparable services for search functionality. This means you benefit through greater functionality and more choice. It's not for nothing that FriendFinder is often described as the largest online dating service -- millions of Americans can't be wrong. Try it out for free now using one of the search links above, or join for free now.

- because your friends will benefit too.

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US Dating Service not the right one? To find people in other countries use the search box here: Dating Categories.

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