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International Pen Pal .com is the site dedicated to friendship and pen pals. Read our pen pals advice and articles and try out the international pen pals search - because you'll like it!

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Welcome to International Pen Pal .com. You can join pen pals from all over the world getting together to make new friends or being more than just friends. This international pen pals site is all about helping you find new friends and helping you to understand friendship, so that you not only make new friends but keep those new friends too.

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You can read the advice articles at International Pen Pal to help you learn what makes friendships tick:

Making Friends: What people are really interested in.
Old Friends: What happens when old friends fall out.
Good Friends: What makes good friends as opposed to family.

- because your friend will benefit too.

We recommend two great places to meet new people and find new friends. Our first suggested port of call is PenPalsPlanet, a high quality online pen pals, friendship and dating site. Go to PenPalsPlanet now because it will let you see at once what's possible.

The site does what its name suggests - finds you friends. You can take a look at the extensive international database of potential international friends or pen pals at PenPalsPlanet by using the search box on the right. This is straightforward and easy and will give you an idea of the very large numbers of people out there who, like you, are looking for new friends, international pen pals or even partners. Many of the listings have photographs so you can see what people look like as well as finding out what they say about themselves. Try it now - because the search is anonymous, free and very easy to use.

Our second suggested site is FriendSearch (to whom we are also affiliated - see our logo there). As above, FriendSearch is also free to join. FriendSearch doesn't appear to be quite as large, but it's always a good idea to join both as this greatly increases the number of potential pen pals, friends or potential dating partners you have access to. It also gives you the chance to read the various parts of each site and make comparisons. The more reading and research you can do around the theme of pen pals and friends, the more successful you are likely to be in achieving your aims.

More advice articles about friends, pen pals and keeping romantic partners:

Find and Make New Friends
New Friends and Friendships
Pen Pal Friends and Relationships
True Friendship - Definition
Cross Cultural Marriage and Relationships
Internet Personals Profiles Help
I want a penfriend to write to
Ways to make friends easily online
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Female Pen Pals Online
Meet People, Communicate Effectively

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International Pen Pal is the website we hope you'll want to come back to again and again once you've tried the penpals search above and read our friendship advice and articles.


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